Free Speech Society Emergency Bulletin

August 4th 2016 (received August 23rd 2016)

We, Class members of Ashker v. Brown, have been alerted to a contradiction that potentially threatens to disrupt, undermine and compromise everything that we’ve so hard to achieve, and have sacrificed our Lives for, via all three hunger strikes and this is inclusive of all the blood, sweat and tears that our outside supporters (PHSS Coalition, etc.) have put forth, in amplifying our cause, by demanding our human dignity and respect from the California Department of Corrections & rehabititation (CDCr), relative to abolishing their practice of decades of state-based torture!!
In particular, the unlawful warehousing of prisoners in solitary confinement.

It is no secret that CDCr’s, counterintelligence unit(s) (IGI/ISU/OCS) have been plotting revenge on the Class members of Ashker v. Brown, to have us returned to indefinite solitary confinement status since this lawsuit was settted in September of 2015. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that it wasn’t a matter of sheer coincidence as we embark upon the one-year anniversary of Brotha Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell being assassinated, that the states’ news media apparatuses begin leaking fraudulent reports to the public generated by IGI/ISU/OCS about the BGF plotting to avenge the death of Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell.

We have thus far identified multiple media outlets in Califonia, such as ABC channel 7 news in Los Angeles, who are reporting this rhetorical nonsense concocted by IGI/ISU/OCS as if it is actual news – it’s not. They’ve taken the liberty to post these articles on their websites as well, in an attempt to instigate a statewide racial war between different groups. Because of these reports racial tensions may rise, thus making it imperative that we begin to organize and mobilize against this false propoganda now.

We would like to make it absolutely clear to the public: “We Class members of Ashker v. Brown at Kern Valley State Prison (K.V.S.P.) and throughout C.D.C.r. prisons remain committed to our Prisoner Human Rights movement (PHRM),” which entails:

1) Upholding the integrity of our Agreement to End Race Based Hostilities (A.E.H.), by continuing to educate the entire Prisoner Class for purposes of sustaining a concrete understanding of what is required from each individual and/or group formation, relative to our A.E.H., as we adamantly refuse to fall prey to CDCr’s COINTELPRO tactics!!

2) Maintaining our united front, as we collectively recognize that our struggle is far from being over!! As we’re now confronted with a new phase of injustices on these mainlines such as:

A) The arbitrary confiscation of personal property items and manuscripts (especially political and social justice works) during cell searches that are taking place to censor, harass and retaliate against Class members of Ashker v. Brown.

B) The outright, complete and permanent confiscation (i.e., theft) of our incoming and outgoing mail without notice or explanation. This practice has specifically targeted our community development, social analysis and political activist work, striking at the very heart of our free speech rights in a blatant attempt to silence, censor and criminalize our contributions to our ongoing commitment to the Agreement to End Hostilities (AEH) and collective struggle for freedom, justice and human rights. Every effort to institute AEH programs have been criminalized in an effort to penalize us for maintaining our commitment to these principles.

C) Holding our incoming and outgoing mail 3 to 5 weeks before mailing it out, and this includes not giving us “notice” that our mail is being withheld well beyond the 5 days mandated in CCR Title 15 §3133(e).

D) The arbitrary issuance of petty and baseless 115’s [tickets, write ups] specifically targeting our artistic and cultural expression, designed to ultimately return us to indefinite solitary confinement. Artwork and images representative of New Afrikan cultural heritage, which in some instances was produced and/or possessed while we were still in the SHU, and mailed in and out of CDCr facilities with the full knowledge of IGI/ISU, are now being reduced to “STG activity” [Security Threat Group] in a blatant attempt to criminalize our very heritage, cultural identity and freedom of artistic expression.

E) Depriving us of viable job- and vocational training opportunities, which obstruct our ability to attain freedom from state-controlled, capitalist-based, parole boards.

F) Depriving us of our human right to the court-mandated ten (10) hours of outdoor exercise per week. Natural sunlight and fresh air is essential to the proper psychological development of all human beings. We could continue listing several more contradictions, but it would only obscure the focus of this bulletin. We can not afford to wait until we are all back in solitary confinement before the coalition begins mobilizing around this issue, it must be agressively pursued now.

Our objective is clear, in that, “It is with an imperative urgency that we immediately mobilize our PHSS media and legal teams, to identify and expose all of the news media outlets that are involved with this criminal conspiracy – in conjunction with IGI/ISU/OCS – to ignite a state-wide race war in CDCr! We demand that all responsible persons be charged accordingly!”

Tell no lies – claim no easy victories!

Free Speech Society

Kijana Tashiri Askari
s/n M. Harrison
KVSP B2-101
P.O. Box 5102
Delano, CA 93216

Abdul Olugbala Shakur
s/n J. Harvey
KVSP B2-117
P.O. Box 5102
Delano, CA 93216

Joka Heshima Jinsai
s/n S. Denham
KVSP B2-117
P.O. Box 5102
Delano, CA 93216

We are asking all supporters and human rights activists to please join the call-in / e-mail campaign to end these abuses and uphold the terms of the Ashker v. Brown Settlement agreement which specifies no retaliation by CDCr or its staff.

Please direct your criticisms and complaints to:

* Deputy Attorney General, Adriano Htvatin (415) 703-1672,
* Secretary Kernan, CDCr, Sacramento
* Warden (A), KVSP, G. Jaime, via mainline telephone (661) 721-6300
* Chief Deputy warden, KVSP, S. Rimbach, via mainline telephone (661) 721-6300

PLEASE FORWARD a COPY to our Email so that we can send it all to Judge Vadas via the Class Action attorneys, thank you!


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