Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

The Free Speech Society is a movement that is dedicated towards protecting and defending the First Amendment rights of imprisoned activists. As imprisoned activists, we are embedded reporters for the people. We are the eyes and ears for the people – for the taxpayers – articulating the human atrocities that plague the prison industrial slave complex with impunity in your name.

Human atrocities compelled by racial oppression can only flourish when silence permeates the corridors of the vortex of torture, the PISC, necessitating the manifested destiny of a collective insurgence of voices of resistance forged by the rediscovery of our humanity. The FSS is an expression of that humanity.

Though our endeavor is just, the agents of torture and repression – the OCS (Office of Correctional Safety), SSU (Special Services Unity), IGI (Institutional Gang Investigations) and ISU (Investigations Services Unit) – have dedicated their resources towards silencing our voices and suffocating the true spirit of free speech.

This mission statement is only a brief invite designed to both captivate and solicit free speech loving people to join our movement and assist us in mobilizing against the forces of repression. If you are interested, please contact the following:

  • Abdul Olugbala Shakur (s/n J. Harvey), C-48884, KVSP B2-117
    P.O. Box 5102, Delano, CA 93216
  • Heshima Denham, J-38283, KVSP B2-117, P.O. Box 5102,
    Delano, CA 93216
  • Steve Martinot, martinot4 @ gmail.com

Email: Freespeechsociety @ gmail.com

Website: Freespeechsociety.org

Free Speech Mission Statement, Feb 2015


Free Speech Society: Our Goals

The present goals of the F.S.S. are to:

1) Expand the number of activists in society who want to join and support the F.S.S.

2) To provide financial and infrastructural support for F.S.S. activists to both carry out their purpose and defend themselves against repression.

3) To develop a team of legal professionals (lawyers, paralegals, investors, etc.) to defend the First Amendment rights of F.S.S. activists both free and bond.

4) To develop youth activists to form F.S.S. chapters in their schools, communities, and social circles.

5) To develop F.S.S. chapters o college campuses across the U.S. with a focus on journalism and activist students.

6) To develop an Emergency Response Network to aid imprisoned F.S.S. Activists experiencing censorship, repression, or other attacks on their First Amendment rights.

Abdul Olugbala Shakur, Executive Director and Founder

J. Heshima Denham, Executive Coordinator

Free Speech Society Goals

This website was made in cooperation with People Matter International



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